Private Fears in Public Places

The play follows the lives of six characters whose lives and stories intersect: Nicola and her unemployed, ex-army boyfriend, Dan: their estate agent Stewart who becomes entwinedåÊwith his colleague and boss Charlotte, while his sister, Imogen, looks for love and Ambrose a barman at a central London hotel, hides a secret heartbreak whilst caring for his elderly father. A play of 54 scenes, that traces the lives and relationships of six loosely linked people in central London.

person_outlineDirected by John Cotgrave todayWed 27th May - Sun 2nd Aug 2015 location_cityLawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield
Nicola (South Hill Park)Balvinder Sopal
CharlotteMaria Sykes
Production team:
Technical DesignJames Clare
TechnicalGeorge Doyle
TechnicalLauren Godin
Production DesignerRichard McArtney
Stage ManagementCarol Scholes
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