It Could Be Any One Of Us

A traditional murder mystery where the turn of a card will determine one of three possible murderers

person_outlineDirected by John Cotgrave todayTue 17th Oct - Sat 21st Oct 2017 location_cityLawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield
Mortimer ChalkePhilip Butterfield
Jocelyn PolegateLynne Whitaker
Brinton ChalkeChris Main
Amy PolegateTanya Phillips
Norris HoneywellSimon Jennings
Wendy WindwoodTania Smith
Production team:
Production DesignerRichard McArtney
Technical DirectorJames Clare
Music and Rehearsal PhotographerPaul Chamberlain
Stage ManagerCarol Scholes
Technical CrewGeorge Doyle
Rehearsal Photos:
Production Photos: