Habeas Corpus

Unrequited lust, mistaken identity, dropped trousers and even a sex-obsessed vicar called Canon Throbbing. Habeas Corpus puts us slap bang in the middle of classic British farce territory with the usual round-up of suspects.

person_outlineDirected by John Cotgrave todayWed 25th Sep - Sat 28th Sep 2013 location_cityLawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield
WicksteedRichard Sykes
Mrs WicksteedHannah Head
Mrs SwabbLaura Womersley
DennisLuke Flacks
Lady RumpersMaria Sykes
Canon ThrobbingSteve Waind
Felicity RumpersHelen Vella Taylor
Mr PurdueMark Breen
Production team:
Stage Management/Production DesignerRichard McArtney
TechnicalJames Clare
TechnicalGeorge Doyle
TechnicalAlfie-Jo Thewlis
Rehearsal Photos:
Production Photos: