Two loosely connected one-act plays. "Chloe with Love" Teddy's marriage to Lottie is going through troubled times. Is he still in love with Lottie? Is Lottie, for that matter, still in love with him? Surely their nearby neighbours, Penny and Reggie, can come to the rescue. Penny has a plan to help Lottie, and Reggie is on guard to help Teddy resist all temptations of womankind. But, with the arrival of a seemingly exotic, Welsh siren going by the name of Chloe, are all their plans being put to the test? "The Kidderminster Affair" Teddy and Lottie are hosting a garden barbeque. Is his liaison with Penny about to be found out? Will Lottie find out the awful truth and discover all about Kidderminster?  Will Penny's husband Reggie discover what is going on, or remain blissfully ignorant? And, what is the significance of the slow puncture, the Travelodge and the Lamborghini?

person_outlineDirected by Farcicals today - location_cityLawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield
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Production DesignerFarcicals
Stage ManagerFarcicals
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