Day 4 of “Invisible Friends”

Written by Alice Scholes

We began day 4 of “Invisible Friends” rehearsals by blocking the final 20 pages of the play. It was a great sense of achievement to think that we had blocked the play and could now go on to perfecting scenes and develop characters.

After lunch, we ran the play from start to finish in order to get a sense of timing and for John to watch the whole play from the side; this meant he could make notes for things to look at next week. Doing a full run made it all seem so real and exciting as we could see the development of the story from start to finish, as well as identify key moments in terms of the play as a whole.

Next week, during our evening rehearsals, we plan on developing character and running the play off script as when lines are quick and fluent it gives a better sense of rhythm. I am excited to do the character development and begin to solidify certain scenes.