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Broadway Word Interview with John Cotgrave – published 4th December 2019 18th December 2019
The New Jersey Stage – published 11th December 2019 18th December 2019
Damsels (and the stress) 24th August 2019 "Damsels in Distress" - the role of prop-hunting and stage management
Profiling: Balvinder Sopal 12th February 2018 Looking at the career of this D & L actor from stage to television
D&L 36 – Arrivals and Departures 26th January 2018 D&L’s summer 2018 production - Arrivals and Departures at a glance
Bedroom Farce at a glance 26th January 2018 Bedroom Farce at a glance
Press Article for Bedroom Farce 19th January 2018 The Examiner - article previewing our winter production
This time last year 7th January 2018 Looking back to a unique time and production
Arrivals and Departures 2018 4th January 2018 AA 77 is D&L’s 36 Production
2019 – D&L’s 15th Anniversary 4th January 2018 Trilogy - Damsels in Distress - to mark 15 years of D&L
Composing for Ayckbourn’s Sisterly Feelings 15th May 2017 Paul discusses the composition process for the music in Sisterly Feelings
The semiotics of, “Roundelay” 4th February 2017 Semiotics - The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.
A first for Dick & Lottie 18th January 2017 A first for D&L and a theatrical treat - Roundelay
Roundelay 17th January 2017 An insight into an actor's journey - Mike's reflections on "Roundelay"
Composing for Ayckbourn’s Roundelay by Paul Chamberlain 7th January 2017 Composing for Ayckbourn’s Roundelay
Roundelay in Wimbledon 6th January 2017
Probable Fiction 1st January 2017 Probable Fiction by Simon Murgatroyd
Reflections 31st December 2016 A year of success and achievements - looking back over the last 12 months
Composing for Dick & Lottie 5th November 2016 A fascinating insight into how the music for our productions is composed - from Neighbourhood Watch to the recent double bill read about the process.
“So, we need a design” 7th October 2016 A brief look at the poster design process by Richard McArtney
An Invitation and a Challenge 30th September 2016 Join Dick & Lottie for this exciting workshop opportunity.
All friends old and new welcome. D&L MacMillan Coffee Morning. 28th September 2016 MacMillan Coffee Morning- October 9th. Join friends- old and new.
Dreams. 20th September 2016 Dreams - reflections on rehearsals.
Day 4 of “Invisible Friends” 27th August 2016 One of our younger members of the double bill, Alice, has shared her thoughts on the final rehearsal of the first week.
Woman in Mind – Day 2 24th August 2016 Adele goes back to 1985... And not like Marty McFly!
First rehearsal for the Ayckbourn double bill 24th August 2016 Iwan Noble - our youngest member of the current ensemble - has written a blog capturing the first Invisible Friends rehearsal.
Wildest Dreams Rehearsal – Weeks 3 & 4 24th August 2016 Dan discusses his time at rehearsals.