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Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 16.07.03 Composing for Ayckbourn’s Sisterly Feelings 15th May 2017 Paul discusses the composition process for the music in Sisterly Feelings
img_0044 The semiotics of, “Roundelay” 4th February 2017 Semiotics - The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.
img_0514 A first for Dick & Lottie 18th January 2017 A first for D&L and a theatrical treat - Roundelay
website-photo Roundelay 17th January 2017 An insight into an actor's journey - Mike's reflections on "Roundelay"
14045363_10154302888580937_553764472_o Composing for Ayckbourn’s Roundelay by Paul Chamberlain 7th January 2017 Composing for Ayckbourn’s Roundelay
img_0044 Roundelay in Wimbledon 6th January 2017
14923143_10154677648639108_2110447513_o Probable Fiction 1st January 2017 Probable Fiction by Simon Murgatroyd
14045783_10154455443734108_1437506184149369446_n Reflections 31st December 2016 A year of success and achievements - looking back over the last 12 months
14045363_10154302888580937_553764472_o Composing for Dick & Lottie 5th November 2016 A fascinating insight into how the music for our productions is composed - from Neighbourhood Watch to the recent double bill read about the process.
dick-lottie-man-of-the-moment-poster-2014 “So, we need a design” 7th October 2016 A brief look at the poster design process by Richard McArtney
dick-lottie-house-and-garden-poster-design-2016 An Invitation and a Challenge 30th September 2016 Join Dick & Lottie for this exciting workshop opportunity.
img_0130 All friends old and new welcome. D&L MacMillan Coffee Morning. 28th September 2016 MacMillan Coffee Morning- October 9th. Join friends- old and new.
img_0396 Dreams. 20th September 2016 Dreams - reflections on rehearsals.
14151932_10154458432909108_1527359265_o Day 4 of “Invisible Friends” 27th August 2016 One of our younger members of the double bill, Alice, has shared her thoughts on the final rehearsal of the first week.
14123567_10154457888804108_1001607593_o Woman in Mind – Day 2 24th August 2016 Adele goes back to 1985... And not like Marty McFly!
13625376_10154454611029108_8150851579703766677_n First rehearsal for the Ayckbourn double bill 24th August 2016 Iwan Noble - our youngest member of the current ensemble - has written a blog capturing the first Invisible Friends rehearsal.
13178803_10154170189989108_9142453434368232840_n Wildest Dreams Rehearsal – Weeks 3 & 4 24th August 2016 Dan discusses his time at rehearsals.